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Job and Training


The crew on board on our vessels are among the company's most valuable assets. The safety and welfare of any person on board is of utmost importance to the company, both as a human being and as a professional seaman. The company entrust these men and women the responsibility to operate and maintain the vessels according national and international rules and regulations, the managers safety management system, to the owners requirements and to our customers' satisfaction.

Green Reefers seek long term perspectives in our business approach and developments, and we seek continuity with our crew in order to enhance safety and to serve our customers needs.

– Continuity will give better understanding for our business needs, our corporate culture, our operating procedures and our policies and requirements.

– Training and development will ensure that we will have skilled and professional seamen of which also achieve personal development while working for Green.

– Communication is crucial, and knowledge and training of the English language is vital in order for us to provide service to our customers, maintenance to our vessels and to enhance safety for our crew.

The working environment in Green and on board all our vessels should be based on an open and friendly atmosphere, but where opinions are welcomed and discussed and not suppressed. Focus should be on the task ahead and on correcting errors in order to improve and / or avoid reoccurrence, not on placing blame on individuals. Working relations and the working environment should be based on respect for each individual and free from cultural, physical, mental or sexual harassment regardless of rank, race, color, gender, religion or political belonging.

Any officer and rating can and will face our customers and therefore represent the company with their values, attitudes and behavior. It is the company's wish and aim that this should be in conformity with the values and management principle of the company and that each employee adhere to the company's "General policy and ethical guidelines’”. 

Green Reefers shall be managed in accordance with guidelines and principles that ensure Transparency, Integrity and Responsibility


Our core values are;



Toril Eidesvik Steinar Sivertsen

CEO / Managing Director VP Ship Management /

Green Reefers ASA General Manager

Green Management AS 

Maintenance Policy

–  the health and safety for our crew

The motivation for our maintenance policy is due to our respect to;

– our environment

– the assets of our owners

We base our maintenance policy on a sound assumption that a controlled and predictable maintenance will better ensure safe and environmental friendly operation of the vessels and will, in a long term perspective, be more economically sound for the owners.

The company policy is to maintain the vessels in a long-term perspective. This anticipates a service life-time for the vessels of minimum 30 years.

Green Reefers entrust the vessels top management, officers and crew on board, with necessary assistance from shore management, to handle this important and difficult task according to national and international rules and regulations, the managers' safety management system, to the owner's requirements and to our customers' satisfaction.

The company must allocate sufficient resources, supply spares, tools and equipment, facilitate training and give support to enable this to be done both under vessels operation and during dry-dockings and shore stop repairs.

We should maintain and operate the vessels under the principles that;


– Repairs are more expensive than planned maintenance

– Breakdowns are more expensive than replacing spare parts in time

– Accidents are most expensive of all

Victualling Policy

The food on board our vessels are to be nutritious, healthy, tasty and varying in such a way that it gives sufficient energy required for the work on board as well as being good enough to become a motivating factor for the crew.


Welfare Policy

Our welfare policy shall contribute to achieving and maintaining proper conditions on board when it comes to health, physical training, personal hygiene and cleanliness with focus on the accommodation areas. The company shall contribute and facilitate to promote activities on board in order to maintain this.

Our welfare policy is based on the assumption that satisfied and healthy crew are doing a better job for the company when they are on board, as well as wanting to come back to a safe and good working place after their leave period.

The welfare fund, should contribute to these matters aiming to improve the team spirit on board and addressing the challenges in being away from home for longer periods of time.

The use of the welfare fund should either be used for the crew while on board or the values from the use of welfare funds should be left on board the vessel to the benefit for the crew. The use of the welfare fund should be based on a democratic process on board, but it is under Masters control, acceptance and responsibility according to owners budget.