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Our ships

Our fleet of specialised reefer ships performs the sea voyage of the companys logistic chains.  

Our specially equipped ships provide precise temperature and humidity control, as well as controlling CO2 levels and air circulation/renewal within precise parameters and is therefore ideal for most types of perishable cargoes.  

We provide direct sailings from port of loading until port of discharge avoiding reloading hubs and securing minimum transit time.

The challenge to the clients from Green Reefers is therefore to think out of the box when shipping their chilled and/or frozen cargo.

The Green Reefers fleet can be divided into two categories. The reefer ships with side doors can lower these to the quay to serve as loading/discharging ramps for forklifts. This has a double advantage, allowing highly efficient cargo handling while protecting the cargo from adverse weather conditions. Our other specialised reefer ships are equipped for traditional cargo handling through hatches and cranes/derricks. These ships are well suited for handling both pallets and loose cargo.


Full description of our ships